Peter's Progress

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Welcome - Ahlan wa Sahlan

Here are the beginnings of the third incarnation of "Peter's Progress". The original name was Peter's Progress in Jordan, but as I'm living in the UK for the present I thought I'd better shorten it! If you don't know where the allusion in the title (Pilgrim's Progress) comes from then you can find out here.

I spend a part of each year in the city of Amman in Jordan working with the Free Evangelical Church in the areas of Mahatta and Hashemi. Having worked in Amman for a number of years, in 2004 I moved back to the UK to be pastor of the church that originally sent me to Jordan, West Kilburn Baptist Church in the Queen's Park area of North-West London.

There are photographs of various places in Jordan on the 'Jordan' page, and some information about Arabic resources on the Arabic page.

In recent years I have been involved in some theological training in the Arab World with Carey Outreach Ministries.